Pure Ceramic Protection

Shimmer pure ceramic coating offers long-lasting and powerful protection for your automobile or motorcycle.

How long it lasts depends on how your vehicle is driven, where it is stored, and how you maintain it*, but the range is from 2 to 5 years.

The coating we like best requires an overnight cure time so you’ll need to leave your vehicle with us, or we can come to you if you have a protected space where your vehicle can stay while the coating hardens into a glossy glass shell.

Reach out with any questions you may have about our pure ceramic coating. We love talking about this unique shimmering process and all the benefits your vehicle gets from it.

Check out a couple of recent examples of Shimmer Ceramic being applied.

Full Ceramic Coatings applied by Shimmer Detail in Oak Ridge, NJ
Jeep ceramic coating during an overnight cure in our pole barn.
Subaru curing in our dedicated pole barn bay.

Our base fee for ceramic starts at $750. The price depends on the size of your vehicle and the preparation it needs to ensure a proper application.

Email us at ceramic@shimmerdetail.com or call/text to 973.750.6424 for more information.

*Running your vehicle through a tunnel wash once or twice a week will likely impact the aesthetic of your ceramic coating over time, even if the protection is still there. The combination of those swirling mechanical brushes and the very high pH soap typically used at automatic car washes may well cause swirling micro scratches in the ceramic itself.

We suggest either avoiding those completely or finding one with very soft brushes that is well maintained and minimizing the number of times you run through it.