Graphene Sealant

The use of graphene in the detailing industry has been gaining in recent years and the comments on it range from “snake oil” to “best thing ever”.

Our tests on a variety of paints and clearcoats in the last year suggest that it’s closer to the best thing ever, but you need to be selective about the brand you go with and your application process.

Some of the incredible attributes of graphene, which was discovered in 2004:

  • Thinnest material ever
  • 200X stronger than steel
  • Most impermeable material ever
  • Flexible and foldable (can stretch 24%)
  • Most efficient conductor known to man
  • Literally bullet-proof when folded to 2 atoms

The challenge for the detailing industry has been how to harness this substance, and there have been great strides taken on that in the last 2 years.

What this means for you is there is a new option to get a full year of incredibly strong and flexible paint protection for your car that did not exist just a few years ago. This substance changes the surface tension and temperature on your car in a way that greatly reduces water spotting. It can be used on glass, trim, and wheels, so it’s versatility is unmatched.

You might expect a hefty price tag to accompany this kind of protection, as we did, and some of the products we tested were pricey and not great.

But we’ve found a graphene sealant that we like lot, and we’re determined to hold the price point on this to a $125 upcharge added to our standard deep wash and decontamination fee of $125.

So for $250, you get a full year of graphene protection after your vehicle has been deep washed, clay-barred, and decontaminated.

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