Aptera Sun-Powered Transportation

After an early hybrid design in 2005 that didn’t quite make it to market, the Aptera came roaring back in 2019 with a similar shape but a cutting-edge, all-electric drive version.

Aptera now features integrated solar panels generating 700 watts of capacity and harvesting 4.4 kwh per day in a sunny climate like southern California. That translates to up to 40 miles of juice without ever having to plug it in. In a less sunny environment like Ireland, you can still expect to get up to 20 miles of power per day from the Sun. It also sports conventional plug-in capability so it doesn’t require a special charging station at your home.

The 3-wheel futuristic design boasts a .13 drag coefficient making it the most aerodynamic vehicle on the market. That in combination with its light weight makes it both economical and fast. The all-wheel drive version takes you from 0-60 in 3.5 seconds while offering 1000 miles of range with the largest battery pack configuration.

Slated to begin production in 2023, depending on the version you order, you can take delivery of yours between 2023 and 2024. You can pre-order one to guarantee your production slot. Follow this link to automatically get a 30% discount at checkout.

The normal $100 pre-order fee gets reduced to $70 with this link. On that page you will be able to select various options like color, all-wheel drive, and solar configuration. Over 30,000 people have pre-ordered their Aptera!